Pain Management
  Pain Management is the evaluation and treatment of pain. Acute and chronic pain can be controlled in many ways. After evaluation your physician will prescribe the method which works best for you and your type of pain. One of the ways pain is controlled with injectable drugs is called PCA. Patient Controlled Analgesia is a way for you to administer medication to yourself as needed with a computerized pump. MediLink can supply the medication and pump your doctor orders as well as insert the IV line needed to deliver the medication. MediLink nurses will teach you how to hook up the pump and administer your dose. Our pharmacist will work with your physician to establish the appropriate dose to provide pain relief. Chronic pain sufferers may have an intrathecal pump. This pump uses small amounts of medication instilled directly to the area around the spinal cord to block pain signals from reaching the brain. These pumps are surgically implanted and the medication is contained internally in a reservoir. Periodically the reservoir must be refilled. MediLink nurses are specially trained to use the computerized telemetry necessary to refill the pump reservoir and even change dosages and settings if your doctors orders it. Successful treatment of chronic pain can be challenging. MediLink Homecare nurses and pharmacists can assist your physician to evaluate and treat your pain in your own home.


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