A care team you can trust. When you refer a patient to MediLink, you can be confident that you have a true partner in your patient’s care. As an extension of your clinical team, we will give your patient the same level of quality care you provide.
Whether at your patient’s home, in your office, or in another clinical setting, our team of compassionate, skilled pharmacists and nurses will consistently deliver high quality infusion therapy services.

Our comprehensive infusion therapies include:
• Antibiotic
• Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
• Chemotherapy
• Enteral nutrition
• Cardiac therapies
• Pain management
• Remicade
• Hydration therapies
• Immune globulin

• Desferal, Solu Medrol
• Medtronic pump service
• Customized therapies
• Pediatric infusion
• Specialty pharmacy medications
• Factor Replacement therapy
• Enzyme Replacement therapy
• Post-transplant therapies
• Hemophilia Therapy

Benefits to home I.V. therapy
More physicians and patients are choosing home infusion therapy as an alternative to inpatient care. MediLink is a trusted provider of home I.V. therapies by many area physicians and hospital systems.

Write “MediLink” the next time you prescribe home I.V. therapy for your patient.

For more information about MediLink and our range of infusion therapy services call 800-984-1014 or visit www.medilinkhomecare.com

Our Services
  Antibiotic Therapy
Cardiac Drug Therapies
Enteral Nutrition
Hemophilia Factor Therapies
Hydration Therapies
Immune Globulin Therapy
Pain Management
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
MediLink will customize a patient's therapy to suit their needs. If a therapy is not listed, we will be glad to accommodate the doctor's request for a medication.

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